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Reduce risk, comply with important laws, and be properly prepared

There’s a lot you need to know about fire safety if you’re running a business — more than just how to use a fire extinguisher. 

But don’t worry, because our partner Crown Fire Services Limited has got you covered.

It offers free, impartial advice to businesses on:

    • Fire safety law
    • Fire safety risks to look out for (and how to guard against them)
    • How to select the right fire safety services for your needs
    • How to identify products that are fit for purpose

Get a free, no-obligation cost review of your business’s fire safety needs and find out more about this service by contacting us today.

Call the team on: 0330 118 8338 or 07495 893 993 or email:


A: A national organisation based in Stockport, Greater Manchester, which has been going for nearly 30 years at the time of writing.

Crown will either conduct an audit of your business in order to create bespoke fire risk assessments, or they will just service what you need from a compliance perspective.

This includes emergency lighting, fire alarm, and extinguishers.

A: Fire extinguishers must be serviced annually.

However, they have two different lengths of life, depending on which type of extinguisher you have. If you’re using a foam extinguisher, it should be discharged tested every five years. If you’re using a CO2 extinguisher, it’s every ten years.

So, you need to know your equipment’s shelf life. You also need to make sure that you’re repairing the right piece of kit at the right shelf life at the appropriate time for the appropriate cost.

Another key factor to consider is the necessity of having a fire risk assessment. If anybody goes in or out of your buildings, you need to have one in place. It’s compulsory to protect directors and officials against from culpable manslaughter, and most insurance providers will request to see your fire risk assessment as a condition of covering you.

A. Not necessarily. A lot of the groundwork can be done over the phone or by E-mail.

A. There are no obligations for you or your club and no contracts. It is a free service to clubs and readers.

A. There are no costs. This a free service to clubs.

A. No — all fees are transparently discussed and agreed before any client cost is incurred. 

To give you an idea of how much we can help you save, we’ve helped one client save more than £37k. We’ve never not saved clients money, and as we’ve already covered — our service doesn’t cost you a penny.

A. We’ve been working in the club sector for over 30 years in various roles. The launch of HQ Building the Business is the culmination of many years working with clubs and suppliers, from brewers and telecoms suppliers, to energy and water companies.

A. Just email or call 07495 893 993.