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HQ is your outsourced head office, advising you on everything from utilities and energy savings to procurement and financial services

You can check out our full list of services below. Whichever of these services you require, we’ll save you time and resources, working alongside our group of carefully-selected partners and suppliers.

And as we said above, you don’t have to spend a penny on any of this. We’ll do the groundwork for you to help you cut costs. To make your business more streamlined and cost-effective, get in touch with us today.

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We help businesses cut costs across a number of areas.

In addition to the services listed below, we also provide business cost comparisons for IT & digital support,  Boiler and Air-conditioning Replacement and Maintenance, Renewable Technologies, Health and Safety, HR, Food and Drink, Business Insurance, ANPR / Parking Facilities, Refurbishment, and LED Projects.

If you’d like to discuss your requirements, call or email us using the details above. 

Energy Comparison

We'll help you compare and manage energy costs by giving you options from up to 27 suppliers. See how much you'll save in just a few clicks.

Fire Safety

We'll help you understand the law around fire safety, identify specific risks, and select products that are fit for purpose.

Office Supplies

We'll help you make the best buying decisions with your office supplies such as stationery, furniture, and equipment.

Telecoms Packages

We'll help you get better telecoms packages for less, whether you’re looking to save money on internet connectivity, mobile packages, or both.

Transaction Handling Support

We'll help you get the best value from your online transaction handling package. Just have a copy of your latest bill to hand and we'll do the legwork.

Waste Cost Comparison

We'll help you meet your recycling targets, go green, and keep your disposal costs as a low as possible with our waste cost comparison service.


A. It starts with a free and confidential audit of your club in those areas where you would like to find savings and efficiencies. This could be anything from utilities to phone bills and from food to club equipment.

A. Not necessarily. A lot of the groundwork can be done over the phone or by E-mail.

A. There are no obligations for you or your club and no contracts. It is a free service to clubs and readers.

A. There are no costs. This a free service to clubs.

A. No — all fees are transparently discussed and agreed before any client cost is incurred. 

To give you an idea of how much we can help you save, we’ve helped one client save more than £37k. We’ve never not saved clients money, and as we’ve already covered — our service doesn’t cost you a penny.

A. We’ve been working in the club sector for over 30 years in various roles. The launch of HQ Building the Business is the culmination of many years working with clubs and suppliers, from brewers and telecoms suppliers, to energy and water companies.

A. Just email or call 07495 893 993.

We work exclusively with sports and social clubs.


David and the HQ team have been very successful in reducing costs for our members. They specialise in the field of energy management, however, within the company they also are able to reduce costs in other key areas as well. Find the time to have a conversation with David. It will pay dividends!
Dave — Charity
Running a business is never easy! Having the HQ team to assist us has been a fantastic help, especially for supplier contracts and negotiations. HQ have helped massively to turn our club into the success it is today.
Jackie — Conservative Club
We love saving money for our rugby club — who wouldn’t? Having David and the HQ team assist with that has been great. They look for ways to save as we haven’t got the time to, and they’re easy to work with.
Jo — Rugby Club
Never a hard sell, just a simple process to review, discuss and implement the ideas. We saved on all sorts of products and services for the club. Thanks for the help!
Ron — Social Club